Efficiency Effectiveness

Home Energy Efficiency in Albany: Solutions by Roland J. Down Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning

Have you ever hear that, regardless of the actual heating and cooling system's energy efficiency rating, the average heating and AC system may only be 57% efficient at delivering conditioned air to the desired rooms in your house? This is typically because of significant deficiencies in the home’s duct system and/or insulation.

Duct imperfections and insufficient insulation increases energy consumption and costs.

During our Total Home Comfort process, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your home's entire duct system (the “veins and arteries” of the home) to ensure that the air you are paying money to heat and cool is most efficiently getting to all of the rooms throughout your home. We’ll rate your system’s performance and actual efficiency level, including proper operation of duct work, registers and insulation.

Many inefficient duct and insulation problems can be corrected with the right duct design, properly sealed ducts, and the recommended level of insulation for your home.