Lennox EL195E

Lennox EL195E Commercial Gas Furnaces in Albany

Lennox EL195E commercialFew gas furnaces earn energy efficiency levels as high as the Lennox® EL195E commercial gas furnace. The EL195E has obtained a 95% AFUE efficiency rating thanks to its constant-torque Power Saver technology. It’s also completely insulated, which helps save energy and allows the system operate quietly. Just like some of our other gas furnaces, the EL195E features a SureLight® ignitor to maximize the product life and performance. Plus, the unit undergoes numerous battery tests, such as shipping and handling simulations and reliability measurements, to make sure it will hold up even under high intesnsity operating conditions.

  • 44,000-132,000 Btuh
  • Single-stage gas heating
  • Multi-speed, direct-drive, slide-out blower
  • Toolless entry for fast maintenance
  • 33” design profile with upflow/horizontal or dedicated downflow models

If you’re searching for a commercial gas furnace your organization can rely on, the Lennox EL195E is the go-to system. And Roland J. Down Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning in Albany can help with all your questions and concerns. Give us a call at 518-417-2938 to learn more.