About Roland J. Down Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning

Roland J. Down Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning in Albany

Roland J. Down Service Experts started in 1962 with Roland himself and two other people began working out of Roland’s garage. While the business started with only providing service and installation, Roland J. Down grew over the years and began providing plumbing, siding and windows, insulation and design, and building homes.

Roland loved being part of the Albany community and in the 1970s Roland began holding square dances on Wednesday and Friday nights. Over 300 people would attend each week so Roland sold dinner to all the attendees.

Over the years, Roland J. Down has joined forces with other companies to help bring you expert service in heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and plumbing no matter where you live in the Albany area. We recently teamed up with D.A. Bennett Service Experts to continue our 24/7/365 service for our community.

General Manager Dave Toney began his career in banking and property management, and then joined the HVAC industry in 1991. He worked for Appolo Heating, Mohawk Heating, and a private airport before joining the Service Experts team in 2012. He worked as branch manager for the New York area before being promoted to General Manager in 2013.

Just like in the 1970s, Roland J. Down Service Experts loves to be part of our community. Each Christmas we adopt multiple families to provide gifts and other needs to, and we provide pro bono work and services to homeowners and families in need.

Our Brand Administrative Lead Doris Vogt is celebrating the start of her 28th year with Roland J. Down and has been actively involved in our wonderful community and always jumps at the chance to help. When a customer told Doris they could no longer care for their Yorkshire Terrier, Maxi Max, and asked if she could adopt him, Doris jumped at the chance. She and Maxi Max went through Canine Good Citizen training and now volunteer their time three days a week at Ellis Hospital and Glendale Nursing Home. Check out the duo below!